Hello friends and happy Wednesday! What have you been up to this week? Have you gone on any adventures or learned anything new? I myself had a great start to my week, as I went wedding dress shopping with my girl friend on Monday and she said YES to the dress! We celebrated with a few tears and on the spot glasses of champagne. It was so much fun, and to top it off she looks beautiful in the gown! I wish I could give more details, but alas I cannot! My lips are sealed until the reveal at her wedding in Xtapa, Mexico this November.

Speaking of Mexico, that is of course one of my travel stops this year (since I’m in the wedding after all, worlds best MOH, yo) along with Paris, France in the summer and Ontario, Canada over Christmas to see my family. I’ll be doing some posts on packing tips and essentials, travel itinerary’s and outfit rundowns when the time comes, but until then I’ll stick with what I am wearing right now: all black.

If you know me, this is no surprise as black pretty much makes up my entire wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, it also has a few hints of grey, beige, white, lilac/violet, blue and red….but that’s only a few pieces. While it’s true that I am trying to add more colour to my wardrobe, I still like to defend my mostly black closet when criticized for buying yet another black shirt, and here is my argument:

  1. It’s always in style: There is never a new black. The reality is orange only looks good on some people, in certain shades, in certain seasons. Yellow is in right now but will most likely be looked back on as an over worn, 70’s revival cliche by next year, and most other colours require a certain shade to keep from being tacky….But black is black. Black is classic.
  2. It looks good on everyone: You’re an autumn? A winter? A spring? It doesn’t matter, because black clothes were made to flatter (boom, rhyme). The shade goes with all skin tones and all hair colours; not to mention it’s remarkably slimming and elongating. If you have a particularly short torso, try wearing a black top. Short legs? Try a pair of black pants. Not feeling your most fit after a week long cheat day? **guilty** a black outfit can make it go away (temporarily, of course)
  3. It’s versatile: Black can also be paired with any other colour and work with it. I’m all for colour blocking as a fun spring or summer outfit every now and then, but when I am tired of the blue jeans or cut offs, I’ll often opt for a black jogger, legging, skirt or short to either dress up or dress down whatever top I’m wearing. If I find an exceptionally loud coloured pair of shoes, a black dress can tone it down.
  4. It’s easy to accessorize: Branching off of my last point, with black it seems much easier to add a little extra bling/chunky jewelry, shoe, etc. With a solid black backdrop, it gives contrast and versatility to the kinds of colours, sizes, shimmers and even metals you want to wear in regards to accessories.
  5. The options are endless: Almost every piece of clothing comes in black. Literally. Boutiques aside (which normally are heavy on black material anyway), almost all stores have black as an option for any top, bottom, outerwear, workout wear, etc. if it isn’t already the only option. A.K.A you’ll always find something to wear.

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