Good morning you beautiful, wonderful, smart, valued and loved humans! I have had a particularly craptastic week, and want to share a little bit of truth with you all. I’m about to get super intense and deep (not really though, it’s me).
It is important in life that you always remember who you are and what you believe in and stand for. It is so easy to get caught up in situations and heated moments, that the decisions you make and the things you say or do, do not resonate with your core values and morals. This will happen in your life, probably more than once. While I am a firm believer that sometimes you have to get on board with something you don’t fully agree with, you should always know where your own personal line is drawn. Check inwardly before making any decisions or agreeing to anything you’re unsure about. Trust yourself. This goes for anything, whether it be in your day job, your relationship with a significant other, a project you are working on with others, etc.














That’s it! Moving on to more interesting news, I have been making head way in my vocal coaching, which is why I have been kind of MIA lately. I am working on some recipes to show you guys soon, but for now I thought I would do a short piece on dressing for in between weather. Unfortunately, I am not currently in LA. I am in super-cold-but-sometimes-warm Calgary. This meme accurately depicts a Calgarians struggle: 













My go-to clothes this season usually include light sweaters and jackets, paired with a wrap or scarf. As much as I adore the neck scarf trend, it can’t keep you warm in this almost spring weather. I fully intend on busting out the floral printed silk neck scarf once the snow is gone for good! For now I’ve paired a scalloped black bodysuit, leather jacket and distressed denim with a 100% wool triangle wrap from aritiza. 











The wrap can be worn around the neck like a scarf, or draped around for extra warmth and coverage. You can look stylish without freezing your tush off. This is just once of my go-to’s, I plan to share many more and would love to hear what you guys do to stay warm without looking like the marshmallow monster from Ghost Busters.



Shop this post:

Bodysuit: boohoo

Leather jacket- similar here

Jeans: ae- similar here

Scarf: aritizia

Watch: Daniel Wellington

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