Bonjour douces dames! I hope you have had a wonderful summer because it is almost OVER and I haven’t posted for pretty much the entire season! Shame on me. I fully intend on habitually posting. I need to know what day of the week you’re more likely to sign on and read my articles. Let me know in the comments, or e-mail me your suggestion!

One thing I have very recently started to love now that I am a more adultier-adult, is perfume! I just love how you can coordinate it with seasons, occasions, moods, outfits…basically anything! It is so much different than the no-way-around-it cheap smell of a body spray, or the overly obvious scents of essential oils. Perfume just has a sophisticated scent about it…if you choose wisely. I can remember all too well the nose stinging perfumes I encountered in high school, or my elders musk on musk on musk signature scents. Insert cringe here.

I personally love so many different smells. I really enjoy earthy, natural scents- such as a deeper, woody perfume; but I also adore the femininity of floral scents. To top it of I perpetually assign basically every beauty product to a season. I know, I box myself in. What can I say? I do the same with my coffees (you won’t see this girl with a pumpkin spice latte in her hand the day after Halloween); but, I digress. Here are my top perfume picks for summer, 2017.

Kat Von D- Saint & Sinner eau de Parfum (click to purchase)

I adore these perfumes! The scents are so intoxicatingly sultry and sweet, without being overpowering! There isn’t much you can ask for in a perfume OTHER than being vegan and cruelty free! As a vegetarian, this is what I look for in beauty products and Kat always delivers. I love wearing Saint (arguably my favourite of the two) during the day time, or when I am feeling hyper feminine. It has a floral and vanilla scent that makes me feel sweet and pretty- so of course I pair it with my cutest of outfits and pinkest of lip sticks!

Sinner is a more woodsy scent. It definitely has hints of vanilla, but it is by far more spicy than Saint…So my persona reflects that when I wear it! I love this on a night our paired with a sexy dress and dark lip. Of course the scents are diverse and can even be mixed together (I’m assuming to create one super scent) and can be worn wherever or whenever, this is just how I do!

This box contained two of my now favourite scents, graciously sent to me from Kat Von D and Influenster complimentary for testing purposes. So ladies, I highly recommend giving them a try yourself! I promise you won’t be disappointed- I wasn’t!

I wish you lot’s of love, latte’s and luscious (cruelty free) scents. Until next time!

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