Well hello there and long time no see! I have recently had a change in jobs, and while it has come with its stressors, it has also given me so many more opportunities to work on the things I truly love. One of these things is the blog, but my main focus right now is music. I am aiming to open my YouTube channel at the end of this year and can’t do it without a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication. That being said, I do plan to post here more in the coming weeks because this is an important outlet for me, and once the channel is opened there are going to be a lot of changes to the blog (even the name) so I hope to take advantage of the diversity the website has to offer while I still can.

One thing I have recently started to do, is keep a gratefulness journal. When I’m not working, vocal training or at the gym, I am guilty of spending my time on social media comparing myself to other musicians and content creators. While it is super important to know where your influences come from and who inspires you, there is a fine line between inspiration and jealousy. I’m noticing more and more that I’m feeling like my abilities, content, looks etc. aren’t good enough. I’m finding that I am wishing that I could have what these other people have to the point that I am forgetting what I have. So I came up with the gratefulness journal.

In all honesty I haven’t checked to see if something like this already exists- I’m thinking it probably does- but the structure in which you choose to write your journal is totally up to you. I keep mine next to my bed side table, and every morning when I wake up, I answer the questions below:

3 things I am grateful for today:





3 goals I want to achieve today:





Bible Vesre of the day:

Once I have answered each question, I keep them in mind and go about my day. I feel as though starting off your day with gratefulness, goals and positivity helps create a platform in which your entire day is built. I wake up on the wrong side of the bed more often than not, and instead of allowing the negativity to take over my entire day right from the beginning, I am actively trying to shift it before it truly begins. You don’t have to follow this exact same structure, nor the exact same questions. You can choose less than, or more than 3 things you are grateful for or want to achieve, you can omit the bible verse and change it to an inspirational quote or song lyric, etc. This is a very personal journal.

At the end of the day before I go to bed, I answer a final question:

Today’s take away:

I feel this is an important way to end your day, because everyday comes with a lesson(s). It really forces you to think about the day you just had, your interactions with others, your inner thoughts, the sights, the sounds, the smells, etc.

My plan is to do this for 21 days (the average amount of time it takes to form a habit). it’s a bit of an experiment, but I am hoping this exercise can help me change how I approach my days.

If you do something like this or choose to give my method a try, let me know how it has gone or is going for you!

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