If you were to ask anyone who knows me, they would probably tell you I’m the last person that should be giving makeup tips. That being said, this article will have 0 tips on how to apply makeup (because I have the makeup application knowledge of a teenaged boy), but will still include a few faves I’ve picked up to kick start spring. I know the groundhog is predicting a long winter, but I’m defying his prediction! I say no to more snow.

I am currently living in dry Calgary, AB., which is 2000 miles away from the humid southern Ontario town I grew up in. As a result, my skin has gone from naturally soft and hydrated to dry and tired looking. My future plan is to start travelling regularly between Los Angeles and Calgary, so I hope that will give me more chances for hydration; but until then I am working on ways to bring my skin back to its natural state.

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Cool mist humidifier:

I absolutely love cool mist humidifiers! I bought a small one from Saje to use in unison with essential oils, and immediately knew I wanted a larger humidifier that could help raise the humidity levels in the air. My small humidifier/diffuser only lasts for about 6 or 7 hours, but the larger humidifier can go for 11-24 hours! It’s not the most attractive of pieces for the home, but the effects are awesome. Mine sits on my bedroom floor next to my side of the bed so it is out of sight, but targets my upper body as I sleep. My thirsty, home-sick skin is loving the extra moisture.

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 












AromaGem Ultrasonic Diffuser



Silk or satin pillowcase:

I originally bought this pillowcase because a) the colour is borderline rose gold and we all know I love me some rose gold, and b) I sincerely liked the texture. It wasn’t until I got it home that I read the benefits, and then experienced them! I woke up the first morning after using it with the same untangled hair I went to bed with (which is a big deal because I have fine hair and toss and turn like it’s my job), and am yet to wake up with any creases or fabric imprints on my face like I would occasionally get with a conventional cotton pillowcase. The smooth texture keeps my skin from snagging on the fibers. If the silk option is either hard for you to find or out of your price point, satin pillow cases have almost the same effect.

Slip silk pillowcase











Hydrating masks:

I literally never knew anything like this even existed up until this year (yo, beauty illiterate) but I now absolutely love them! They are super easy to apply and mess free (i.e., remove from package, put on face, wait 20 minutes, take off face) and this one especially really works for me. I only use one once every 2 weeks as the effects last up until that point, which makes it inexpensive compared to other options of face masks.

Boscia Tsubaki Oil Deep Hydration Hydrogel Mask











Mud mask:

Glam Glow has awesome products, but I particularly like their Mud masks. Since I suffer from dry skin, I opt for the hydration mask. The instructions advise to use the mask as an overnight treatment, but I use this mask during the day! Seriously, that is how dry my skin is. It goes on matte, so there is no shine to it. I don’t normally wear foundation, but I have used foundation over it in the past with no issues.

GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment











Brow Serum:

I have fairly thick brows, but one trip to a new brow stylist did a number on my right brow. My left brow grows like normal, but the right side hairs don’t want to grow any longer on the front portion of the brown (which is the most awkward to fill when you don’t know how to fill). I bought this Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Serum after reading reviews that stated it helped the hairs grow longer. I used it on the front of the right brow every morning and night, and it worked! I got more out of it since I only used it on part of one brow, and achieved the growth I wanted.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced











Matte Lips:

I’m obsessed. I have never been a lipstick or gloss wearer. I would always forget it at home, then go out for drinks or dinner and BAM, it’s worn off. I relied more on my trusty Burt’s Bee’s lip balm instead, mostly because I had multiples and I never had to wonder about colours. Ever since the matte lip trend has come out, I’ve loved it. It stays on much longer than conventional lip colours, and the nude shade of this particular colour goes with pretty much everything.

Tarte Tartiest Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Bestie












So obvious but so often forgotten. Drinking an adequate amount of water a day can seriously promote extremely noticeable external benefits. Dry skin or otherwise, proper hydration is not only necessary for health, but it also makes hair shinier, skin brighter, reduces facial puffiness (especially around the eyes) and hydrates skin. I’m a singer as well, so I need to drink a pretty ridiculous amount of water to keep my throat from drying out. I have a S’well bottle (which I spoke about in my article 5 tips to help you love your workout, which I use at work and in public…But when I am at home for the day, or at the very least somewhere else the public can’t see me (like camping) I use a 4L milk container…Water is important ladies! Don’t judge me.






What do you guys do to keep your skin healthy and hydrated? What are your must haves and must tries for 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

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